Musée Automobile Reims Champagne

I first saw this 1924 Type M torpedo at the Musée Automobile Reims Champagne in 1989. A new visit in November 2009 allowed us to take pictures of the motor, thanks to the kindness of Mr. & Mrs ROBART who also gave us various documents published by "Les amis de la Licorne". In 2013, the car was sold at an auction organized by Bonhams.

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Museu Fernando Pessa (Lisbon)

Pedro Ferreira sent us these pictures of a Cottin & Desgouttes exhibited in a small museum in Lisbon, the « Museu Fernando Pessa », unfortunately closed to the public. It is a 1913 Torpedo 22/30, completely original according to Pedro. He adds: "I have been told that the photographed car S-1848 was first registered to the dealer A. Black on 17 April 1914 and then to the final customer Joaquim Freire d’Andrade on 3 June 1914. See the A. Black ad in  Advertisements.

                Lisbon    Lisbon    Lisbon

Centre international de l'automobile

Cottin-Desgouttes Type D (1910-1912) by Didier Tougard The  Centre International de l'Automobile in Pantin is now closed.  The car that features in the film  La vie est un roman was on display in this museum; several pictures of it are available on the Pantin page.
More information on the CIA is available on Didier Tougard's Web site (French only, scroll down to "93 Pantin").

Other museums

Musée Malartre at Rochetaillée-sur-Saône and Collection Schlumpf in  Mulhouse : at our last visits, there were no Cottin & Desgouttes cars. Both museums appear to have recently acquired cars that may now be on display.

Cottin Desgouttes Malmerspach Collection Information on part of the  Schlumpf family collection (the Malmerspach Collection) is available here. This collection includes this Cottin & Desgouttes ; there is a small sight of the car in this video of the collection (if the video is not visible on the page, here is a direct link).


2ème Traversée de Bordeaux en véhicules anciens - 12 February 2012

Many thanks to Yves Mariet for these pictures of the Traversée de Bordeaux. Note les twin back wheels which were used by Cottin & Desgouttes for the 1920 tourer chassis in its 32 hp version. The engine of this car was over 7 liters and only a few were built.


"Ecole Lyonnaise de l'Automobile" Exhibit, 3-26 March 2010 in Lyon

The Marius Berliet Automobile Foundation presented three cars, including their Saharian "Sans Secousse" in the Entrance hall of the CIC Lyonnaise de Banque - 8 rue de la République - Lyon 1er.

Berliet    Berliet    Berliet 1908    Berliet 1908    Berliet 1908    Berliet 1908     Cottin-Desgouttes    Cottin-Desgouttes    Cottin-Desgouttes    Cottin-Desgouttes

RetroMobile 2008

RetroMobile was held from 8 to 17 February 2008 in Paris. An auction was organised by Bonhams during the fair and there was a Cottin Desgouttes on sale. While browsing the various booths, we also found an advert for Steigboy including a letter from Cottin & Desgouttes (see Advertisements) as well a a remarkable book on the Mont Ventoux hill climb by Maurice Louche (see References).

Bonhams auction

The  Bonhams area was beautiful, with many incredibly nice cars, most remarkably restored. Lot 101, a 1920 Cottin Desgouttes cruiser marked "Sapeurs Pompier Odenas Rhône" certainly needed a good restoration, however it was bought for over 30 000 euros. There is a description  of the car at  Bonhams

I2170014.JPG (527600 octets)     I2170015.JPG (515766 octets)     I2170024.JPG (519353 octets)     I2170026.JPG (577267 octets)     I2170027.JPG (477516 octets)     I2170031.JPG (494670 octets)

Epoqu'Auto 2007

Lyon, November 9 to 11, 2007. A 1911 Cottin-Desgouttes de 1911 was exhibited on the stand of the Automobile Club d'Aix-en-Provence. Pictures are available in the "Lettre de la Fondation de l'automobile Marius-Berliet".

mb002c.jpg (82964 octets)     DSC_1180.jpg (119423 octets)    Epoqu'Auto 2007    828 The car during a race

Les très riches heures de l’automobile lyonnaise

Read the "Point d'Actu" at the Bibliothèque de Lyon about the exhibit that was organized in June 2007