The Cottin & Desgouttes factory

In 1904, Pierre Desgoutte founded his first company "Desgouttes et Cie", place du Bachut in Lyon. Here are a few vintage post cards showing the factory.

Monplaisir - Usine Cottine-Desgouttes - Sortie du Personnel     Scan10025.JPG (88490 octets)     Lyon Monplaisir - Place du Bachut     Monplaisir la plaine, place du Bachut. Au fond l'usine Cottin & Desgouttes.

Contributed by Jean-François Tournier. See his  site delaplaine69

Ecole La Mache

Ecole La Mache (contributed by Jean-François Tournier) This post card represents the "École d'Apprentissage Supérieur" (now Ecole La Mache). In 1933, the school bought the Cottin & Desgouttes factory, visible in the foreground, and later sold it. See also the article in Souvenir Album.

The Cottin & Desgouttes factory today

The Cottin & Desgouttes offices and part of the factory staid for some in the automobile sector, as Saab, Daewoo and later Opel and Chevrolet dealerships. Few changes had been made, apart from adding modern lighting. Another part of the factory was changed into a supermarket (in 1992, it was a Super Rallye)

saab01.jpg (108959 octets)     bureaux.JPG (58797 octets)    facade.JPG (100949 octets)             atelier.JPG (66324 octets)                Google Maps view

Later, the whole area was rebuilt. Only a small part of the factory remains, and it is now a restaurant.

Google Maps with Street View allows to visit the area.

The picture on the right is from 2006. Click here to see the latest view


Other views of the factory